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Lion's Tail
Lion's Tail
The Number 1 Alternative to Marijuana. A pleasant, less overwhelming trip is often experienced when smoking lions tail with salvia divinorum. Read on…
Warp Zone
Warp Zone Package
Does work or school have you down? Do you need a mini mental getaway from the realities of everyday life? The Warp Zone will jumpstart your senses with three distinct psychedelic trips.

My discovery of Salvia divinorum was like something out of a movie.

Salvia divinorum is a surreal, lucid experience for the mind and spirit. My search for the ultimate spiritual experience and discovery of Salvia was fueled by the movie about the rock group the Doors. If you remember the movie, you would undoubtedly recall the scene where Jim Morrison is out in the desert tripping out. What was it that created that intense spiritual awakening? Was it Salvia or some other substance – but up to that point, I had never even heard of Salvia.

The out of body experience Morrison had in the movie was something I too wanted to experience. I tried it all, but it wasn't until I discovered Salvia divinorum that I reached the "higher state" I longed for.

I first came across Salvia divinorum while touring rural, mountainous regions of Mexico many years ago. Mexico is one of the best locals in the world for growing Salvia. Just before dusk, after driving on ancient roads for hours, I found myself in a tiny village in the middle of what seemed like no where.

Huddled around a huge fire at the southern edge of this village, I saw ten old, very vibrant looking men waving their arms at the sky as though they were catching the last rays of sunlight. One-by-one, I saw each man take charge of the most elaborate pipe I had ever seen and then puff on it. From over 100 yards away, I could see that their movements were influenced by the unknown nectar of the pipe. The aroma (of what I later learned to be Salvia) was like nothing I had smelled before, but yet it was extremely inviting. I walked over to these fine gentlemen, introduced myself, and was immediately invited to join them in their celebration of the sunset. No celebration in their culture was complete without Salvia.

As the pipe filled with what I now know to be Salvia, went around, then around again, the euphoria intensified. At last they invited me to part-take in the nectar of the pipe. What is it I asked? They told me in Spanish that it was "the sage of the diviners" which botanists now refer to as Salvia divinorum.

My first inhale of Salvia was a bit harsh. By the second inhale of Salvia, I began to understand that Salvia was like nothing I had ever experience before. And let me tell you, I had tried it all, but nothing came close to reaching into the inner most sanctions of my sole like the Salvia. The Salvia elevated me to new spiritual heights. But was it only the effect Salvia. Or was it the combination of the Salvia and the surroundings. Being there with these men, celebrating the sunset surely added to the intensity of my first go at Salvia divinorum.

The years passed. Surfing the net one night, after the kids were asleep, my mind drifted back to my first (and only) encounter with Salvia that afternoon in Mexico. I typed in Salvia divinorum, not really expecting much. To my surprise, I hit on Unbelievable I thought. Can it be? Is Salvia so easily available? Is it as good as the Salvia I had in Mexico? Is Salvia legal? Is Salvia safe? I just had to try Salvia again. So I pulled out my credit card and was ready to place an order for a few ounces of Salvia divinorum extract. The information provided on the site on Salvia was great. I learned that the way SalviaSupply conducts their extractions on Salvia extract is in fully licensed and government approved pharmaceutical laboratories. They use 100% pure grain alcohol extraction of Salvia divinorum to get the highest level of Salvinorin A. This ensures that the Salvia you get from SalviaSupply is the most effective available on the market and perfectly safe. What's more, Salvia divinorum extract comes in varying degrees of potency - from 5x to a whopping 30x Salvia divinorum extract. Since age has mellowed me a bit, I went for the 10x Salvia divinorum extract from

Within a few days, my special (secret) package of Salvia arrived. Closely following the instructions, I smoked my new found Salvia for the first time in many years and felt completely safe knowing that the potency was controlled.

After a few puffs of the Salvia, my mind and spirit where back in that village in Mexico. For me Salvia is my time machine. Now I treat myself to my Salvia every once in a while. What better way than to shed the burdens of life than by escaping with a bit of Salvia.

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