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First Time Starter Package

Perfect package for Salvia beginners. Offers variety in tolerance levels. Good for more than 1 person as well

1oz of leaves
1g of 10x extract
1 FREE g of 5x extract.

Savings of $11

Warp Zone

For those adventurous trippers out there, the Warp Zone will remove the word “boredom” from your vocabulary. This package consists of our top 3 hallucinogenic products with each offering you a distinct psychedelic destination. Just remember to fasten your seatbelt

1g of 10x extract
1oz of Amanita
25 Woodrose seeds

Savings of $11


Too stressed out? This relaxing mix will give you peace of mind to kick back and chill

1g of 5x extract
4oz of Sinicuichi
7g of Lions Tail
1oz of Prickly Poppy

Savings of $8

Sharry's Package

You've seen her video. Now get Sharry's initial order and experience the ride yourself

1g of 20x extract
1g of 10x extract
1g of 5x extract
1oz of leaves

Savings of $18

Mood Mix

The Mood Mix will allow you to create your own mood at the right time. It includes a hallucinogen, euphoriant, sedative and stimulant for your mood needs

1g of 5x extract
1oz of Calea
7g of Lions Tail
4oz of Sinicuichi

Savings of $15

Freshman Selection

Are you and your friends curious about Salvia? The Freshman Selection takes the guesswork out of your decision. With a variety of Salvia products and potencies, you’ll save more per gram than the regular Starter Package

3g of 10x extract
3g of 5x extract
1oz of leaves

Savings of $11

Extract Mix

Having some friends coming over? This package is by far the best value for a great assortment of products

3g of 20x extract
1g of 15x extract
1g of 10x extract
1g of 5x extract

Savings of $33

Party Package

Having a party? Want to share with your friends or give salvia as a gift? This is the perfect package with a little bit of everything. Your guests will be sure to have a life changing evening

3g of 5x extract
3g of 10x extract
3g of 20x extract
4oz of leaves

Savings of $28

The Experience Package

Are you salvia savvy? Try our mix of salvia extracts with higher potency!

10 g of 10x salvia extract
10 g of 20x salvia extract
1 lb of dried salvia leaves

Savings of $43

Wholesale Package

This package is for our wholesale customers. This new special package contains 10g of 5x, 10x, and 20x salvia extract as well as a 1oz bag of salvia leaves. For a limited time we'll also add an additional 2g of each of the extracts offered in this package

12g of 5x extract
12g of 10x extract
12g of 20x extract
1oz of leaves

Savings of $124

relax-package.jpg Relax Pack
trip-pack.jpg Trip Pack
relax-trip-combo-pack.jpg Relax Trip Combo Pack
experience-package.jpg Experience Package
starter-package.jpg First Time Customer Starter Package
freshman-selection.jpg Freshman Selection
warp-zone-package.jpg Warp Zone Package
party-package.jpg Party Package
wholesale-package.jpg Wholesale Package
sharrys-package.jpg Sharry's Package
extract-mix.jpg Extract Mix
mindscape.jpg Mindscape
mood-mix.jpg Mood Mix
satoris-special.jpg Satori's Special
kratom-chill-out-pack-sm.jpg Kratom Chill-out Pack
mayan-visionary-mix-sm.jpg Mayan Visionary Mix
magical-mystery-tour-sm.jpg Magical Mystery Tour


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