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Witch Herbs

Witch herbs are the main secret behind any reputable witch. The fear many folk expressed for witches is plainly justified in their vast knowledge of herbs. This wisdom could heal, clean, purify, commune with the gods, relieve pain and produce dreams. This kind of power was craved, feared and generally misunderstood. Man is not comfortable when not in full control, and witches had great power and not controlled, therefore, they were hunted down. Witches went into hiding, living normal lives and keeping their secrets alive.

With plants of such ancient reputation as Agrimony, witch herbs were used by Egyptians and Greeks. The plant was used for the eyes, but has other uses. Good for protection, will guard the keeper against negative energy. It is used to face problems and grief. All herbs have other properties known to the witch, Agrimony is of the air element, for example.

There are many common herbs that are also witch herbs, Anise is one of them. Used since the times of Greeks and Romans. It's said that if you leave anise in the bedpost youth is regained. It can be used around the house to protect from evil eye, and under a pillow will make dreams pleasant. Also provides psychic awareness and helps against evil spirits, it is also of the air element.

Borage is a herb used also a long time ago and produces happiness and joy. It's said that when left in wine, provoked forgetfulness. It was given to sad and melancholic people, and warriors used if for courage. In the craft it produces psychic abilities, also attract wealth.

Frankincese has a very old religious tradition, Babylonians and Persians used it for worship and funeral rites. Since then one culture and another has taken Frankincese into their religions, mostly as incense, even catholic incense is based in this pagan herb. Ammong all the witch herbs this one is very special, The resin is used for exorcism. It will help with spiritual maters and used to purify places. The element of this plant is fire.

Pine is so common you will not believe it's part of the witch herbs. It's said to remove guilt feelings, it brings about prosperity, good to induce fertility and natural healing. The element of this plant is air.

There are many witch herbs, some are common plants used daily, but only the witch knows the right way to use them to obtain the desired result. Other herbs worth mentioning are Angelica, Carnation, Copal, Dill, Hyssop, Jasmine, Lavander, Mugwort, Rosemary, Roses, Sage, Valerian and Wormwood. Most of the witch herbs have medicinal properties as well, this might be coincidence, or the profound knowledge of this plant helped to discover secret uses.


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