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San Pedro Cactus Look-A-Likes

San Pedro cactus (Trichocereun pachanoi) is one of the cactus species containing mescaline, which belongs to a family of components known as phenethylamines, being very different from the other families of major psychedelics. Besides of its contents of mescaline, San Pedro cactus is comprised of a large variety of related psychoactive components, which produce experiences that are different than pure mescaline. The experience felt by peyote is distinct from that made by cacti from the trichocereus family. It’s been said that synthetic or pure crystalline mescaline, is one of the most uncommon psychedelics and misrepresentation of other substances as being mescaline is very ordinary. Labs that do not work under legal basis, produce mescaline very seldom due to its ineffectiveness, lack of market and high cost. In order to produce a psychedelic trip, it is required ½ gram of mescaline approximately. This same amount of material, would represent 20 doses of 2C-B, 4 doses of ecstasy, 2,500 doses of LSD or 50 doses of psilocin. Consequently, the price for mescaline is much higher than any of the mentioned above, making it impossible to become a popular street drug. The easiest sources to get San Pedro cactus, are the nurseries, where they are marked with their botanical names, in this case, Trichocereus Peruvians. Mescaline sulfate can be distinguished by the construction of its crystals. These are approximately 0.06 centimeters long and seem fine needles or fragments of glass. San Pedro cactus is considered legal for ornamental purposes only. Although is not legal to extract, sell or ingest for psychoactive purposes. It is recommended that before going cactus shopping, to look at pictures and also to read physical descriptions of these varieties. Mostly in large libraries will count with a selection of books on cacti and its lexicology. The majority of the varieties of trichocereus are hard to tell apart. Anyhow, these books should give an idea of which cacti to scrutinize the name tags on. It’s been proved that cactus is most powerful when harvested during the hottest times of the year. Very often, people get confused with mescaline and peyote. The potency of peyote, as well as diverse people’s tolerance to it, seems to vary broadly. Some people report potent experiences from a few buttons, while others need up to 15 buttons. The quantity of San Pedro that must be consumed to get the full effects is a piece approximately 25 cms long and 7 cms in diameter.

For purposes of consumption, peyote is even harder to eat than San Pedro cactus since the taste is excessively bitter. It’s been experienced that mescaline has the advantages of focused ability of the mind, rather than the dreamier, drifting state gotten from mushroom; the body feels relaxed, even calmer than with mushrooms. San Pedro regularly produces a very mild, flowing experience (although, the effects of peyote are very different, because of its unique mix of alkaloids).


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