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Salvia Divinorum 20x

Salvia divinorum can be found in 20x extracts of fortified leaves, elixirs and liquid extracts for oral and sublingual use or for smoking purposes. Extracts allow the user to explore deeper levels than are available using plain leaf. This is particularly important for people who find that they are not very sensitive to salvia divinorum. Another advantage to these products is that they are far easier to consume, since a less quantity of material needs to be ingested or smoked. These enhanced preparations are suitable for those who have already experienced salvia divinorum previously, and know how to manage this substance effects as well as the uses and techniques for the administration of salvinorin A. The presence of a sitter is always recommended, since someone must take care of the safety of the salvia divinorum 20x user, in spite of the way he/she chooses to use these enhanced products.

There are several techniques to fortify and extract the salvinorin A from salvia divinorum; some require precise and specialized laboratory equipment as well as chemistry knowledge. Accurate micrometric balances are required to measure the row materials as well as good quality solvents and other substances needed to prepare all these products. You can also get these fortified presentations through the specific salvia divinorum web sites on Internet, and you can choose the salvia divinorum 20x product that suits best with the method of administration you are familiar with or you want to try.

If the salvia divinorum 20x user chooses the sublingual method, should get a product meant for this purpose and follow the instructions as follows: To use salvia divinorum 20x sublingual preparation (elixir or liquid extract), place the dose under your tongue. Lie down in a quiet place with dim lighting. Chew the waxy material occasionally, parking it under your tongue between chews. Keep the saliva formed in your mouth so salvinorin A can be absorbed from it. Swallowing the material won’t harm you but swallowed salvinorin is not effective. Once you want to come down, spit out the material remaining in your mouth and brush your teeth to clean your mouth from the remaining extract. The effects develop gradually, but can become quite strong in sensitive individuals. Remember you will need a sitter next to you.

Smoking is probably the most common method for western salvia divinorum 20x users. These enhanced dried leaves can be smoked without further preparation in tobacco pipes, joints, bongs, or water pipes. Salvia must be smoked hot (hotter than tobacco is) in order for salvinorin to be properly vaporized. The smoke is inhaled fast and hot, deeply into the lungs. Several hits in quick successions are regularly required. The smoke is irritating and probably has the same sort of health risks as tobacco smoking.


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