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Salvia de Norm

Salvia divinorum can’t be catalogued as a drug. Pharmaceutical research has not been able to classify this unique and peculiar herb, which grows in the mountains of la Sierra Madre in Oaxaca, a State of Mexico. For hundreds of years the Mazatec healers or shamans in their ritual ceremonies and healing sessions have employed this herb along with other psychoactive herbs and psychedelic mushrooms. The Mazatec tradition says that this plant is a gift from the Gods, as well as the knowledge used when the healer performs a rite or a healing sitting. In addition, shamans are specially chosen from childhood and the older shaman’s mentor devotedly trains them into their cosmogony and beliefs. It is forbidden to make use of the millenary wisdom secrets for their own benefit. Shamans are raised with a rigid code of honor and any fault will be judge and severely punished by the Gods. This is why; outsiders rarely see these rites. Salvia divinorum contains a psychoactive agent called salvinorin A. This substance acts on the brain, almost in the same way alcohol does, with the difference, that salvinorin does not affect the brain cells or develops dependency. Salvia is used as a divinatory tool, to take the patient into and “inner trip” to explore him or her self, and find the reason of his or her disturbances, this way, and according with the Mazatec beliefs, the individual is able to recognized when and how the distress started and fight it back. In recent years, people who are meditation practitioners have found in salvia divinorum a vehicle to take them into deeper meditative states, other, worried about the study of consciousness and into spiritual realms, find also salvia a powerful instrument to achieve deeper understanding. In recent years, international herbs distributors have set up in Internet a profitable business to take salvia to everyone who is interested in experiencing its effects. However, and even when the quality standards used by theses distributors is the best, salvia divinorum is not meant for everyone, and it should not be taken as a “recreational experience.” Till today, there is no evidence that the consumption of salvia is harmful, and there is not documented evidence of salvia overdose. Although we recommend to always have a sitter for you, and to be careful, when experiencing with salvia. Most of the salvia products commercialized internationally on Internet belong to the standardized type called salvia de norm, which guaranties high standards of quality and the best growing techniques. Salvia de norm is grown in different places on earth, but carefully keeping the original weather conditions it has growing wildly in Mexico. Since this plant reproduces best from cuttings, Salvia de norm cuttings are the bases for its proliferation worldwide.


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