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Articles About Salvia Divinorum

We have selected some articles that we have either researched from various sources on the web, or that our customers have sent to us regarding their experience with Salvia and Salvia Extract products. We hope this will help you to better understand the products we sell and create a useful resource for the Salvia Divinorum community.

Yerba Mate Background

Yerba Mate, also known as Ilex paraguariensis, is a small S. American tree. Its leaves contain caffeine and other xanthines and are often made into a...
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Buy Wormwood

Can any woman buy wormwood? Yes, but women must have some essential precautions. Especially if it is a pregnant woman, pregnant women should not take or use wormwood in any way because of the risk of miscarriage. Wormwood...
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Salvia Divinorum Oil

The oils from plants, which impart the distinctive aromas, are complex mixtures of organic constituents, some of which being less stable, may undergo chemical alterations when subjected to high temperatures. In...
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Introduction to Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum originated in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and has been cultivated and used for centuries by the Mazatec people for healing and religious ceremonial...
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Herb Store

A good herb store will provide a lot of products that are not that easy to obtain. Many herbs are hard to get, but today the internet opens up the whole world, even exotic herbs that were almost unknown are just a click away...
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Herb Supplements

Herb supplements will enhance the life and the general health of the person who uses them. They offer a better lifestyle and provide a series of solutions for today's ailments, like lack of sleep, stress, weakness, sex...
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San Pedro Cactus

The correct name of the “cactus san Pedro” is san Peredro cactus; this is only important when you go to find the right plant (and its seeds) at the right place. This plant can be ...
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Buying Salvia Plants

Before you decide to buy salvia plants you should know the origin of this plant. Salvia plant is native from a small area in Oaxaca, Mexico. The plant ...
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Dried Trichocereus Pachanoi

Dried Trichocereus Pachanoi, also known as Dried San Pedro Peruvian Torch which is a kind of cactus original from Peru and Ecuador, is commonly found in the Andes between these two countries. Dried...
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Ethnobotanical Studies on Humans

Ethnobotanical studies on humans demonstrate the effectiveness of the remedies. This is the only thing science has not been able to refute, a person goes in sick with the healer, sometimes terminal, ...
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An ethnobotanical culture is helping science and nature come to an understanding. Science has achieved so much, in so little time that it's remarkable success left us in awe. But...
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Salvia Divinorum Extract

Salvia Divinorum Extract is a member of the mint family which also includes such familiar herbs as oregano and basil. There are dozens of Salvia species, but Salvia is the only one known to con...
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Wholesale Herb

If wholesale herb is what you are looking for, then here are some tips to help you find the needle in the haystack:

There are many small producers that will give a good price and a decent product, but you have...
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Herb Remedies

Herb remedies can be counted by the hundreds. Cultures of all times have developed their own treatments and treasure their own particular herbs. Before recorded history was even invented, plants and herbs were used for me...
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Salvia Divination

Salvia divinorum is a member of the mint family plants; the Mazatec in Oaxaca, Mexico has used it for centuries by the shamans or “curanderos.” According to their beliefs, this plant helps...
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Organic Herb

An organic herb is the only right way to grow herbs. The first reaction chemicals fertilizers produce is to reduce the oxygen in the soil, this slowly kills the microbes, worms and the rest of the life in the land. Herbs ar...
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Healing Herbs

Healing herbs were probably the reason witches, shamans, priests and healers became so powerful. The possibility of curing another human being is one of the noblest actions a person can do. Humankind has had it's share of...
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Ethnobotanical Asthma Treatment

Ethnobotanical asthma treatment is a natural way to control this ailment. Asthma is a disease of the lungs which obstructs the respiratory system. During the ...
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Father of Modern Ethnobotany

The father of modern ethnobotany is Richard Evans Schultes, A kind and gentle man, with so much wisdom and knowledge he had treasured after living with several tribal cultures. He was born 12 January 1915 ...
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Dry Bulk Herbs

Dry bulk herbs can be a science to purchase. The very first thing is to find out when the leaves were dried. Although they last many years, if you are plan...
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Morning Glory Hallucinogens

Morning glory hallucinogens are original from Mexico, being extended to South America. It’s been learned that morning glory hallucinogens have been very widely used in the valleys of Mexico in Pre-Hispanic ...
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Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert is a synonym for talent, he has set foot in many fields, and he has obtained recognition and success. In such difficult arenas as music, sculpture, theatre and painting. It seems you can't count his awards, when...
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Cactus San Pedro

I have heard about many religions in which there were people who could guess the future or tell about the person’s past lives. Once I heard about a European culture in which this person was called the oracle, they said...
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Salvia Experiences

Fantastic Fury

I ordered some regular salvia divinorum leaves off about 4 weeks ago. My parents left for italy yesterday morning, and I...
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Cultivating Diviner's Sage

A step by step guide to cultivation, propagation, and keeping your Salvia plants happy ...
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Growing Herbs Indoors

If you want to be growing herbs indoors, you must first collect them. You can pick up stems in the country if you can recognize the plants you want, or purchase the seeds. Look at the conditions your plant needs, ...
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Runic Divination

by Arlea Hunt-Anschütz

Runic divination, or rune-casting, tends to employ a 'set of runes'. Each letter making up one of ...
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Bush's War On Pot

Forget meth, cocaine and other hard-core drugs – The administration would rather waste taxpayer dollars in an all-out assault on Marijuana. America's long-running war on drugs has, literally, ...
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Salvia 10 X Trip

What are you going to do on your next vacations? Are you planning on staying home resting in your couch, with the kids around the house all day with nothing else to do but watch TV and the only sport you are going to...
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Blue Lotus

10x Blue lotus is a resin. What is a resin? In general terms, many trees, when their bark is injured, exude a sticky substance that hardens into a protective coating. This substance is ...
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Vitamins and Herbs

Vitamins and herbs are a food supplement that will improve your well being. Food today is often grown with artificial methods, and many chemicals will make the plants grow bigger and faster, what they are not telling...
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Growing Salvia Divinorum

If you will be growing your own Salvia Divinorum, you should read this. If you prefer to purchase dried leaves, you can skip this section. Salvia is a semi-tropical perennial. That...
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Growing Herbs

Growing herbs can be learned and with some simple techniques, you will be harvesting them in no time. For fun or profit, all you need is a little space and some patience.

Growing herbs has many advantages, you...
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Salvia Discount

Why salvia is becoming so popular lately? The main reason, is ignorance, among the large quantity of plants, and mushrooms, that contain psychoactive substances some are very common and we are more than familiar with ...
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Herbs in Bulk

Herbs in bulk can be purchased through the internet. Some sites will consider buck size at 4 oz. And higher, if your order is large check what the prices for shipping will be. Some companies are not displaying the charge ...
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Salvia Divinorum Health Risks

When you start doing something new, before you begin to do it you receive instructions either from an instruction booklet or from a person that is more experienced in the field that you are about to try; and with these instructions there are so...
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Salvia 20x

The active principle in S. divinorum is salvinorin A, a furanolactone neoclerodane diterpen. The active principle in S. divinorum is salvinorin A, a furanolactone neoclerodane ...
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Kratom Wholesale

The Kratom Wholesale hasn’t been in deed used too well, due to the limited regions of production that this herb has. Since the growing of the Kratom is in the Southeast region of Asia, and in that place the growing, ...
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Herb Gardening

Herb gardening has gained importance over the last years. The wider acceptance of natural remedies and the healing power of herbs has allowed people a closer view at the advantages of herbs. Probably one of ...
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Salvia Divinorum How Long Trip?

When you are saying that you are going to go on a trip, normally people think about going to some other countries, the beaches, the mountains or the forests, but maybe this time you are planning to go...
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Ethnobotanical Plant Suppliers

Ethnobotanical plant suppliers deliver plants with healing properties as Salvia divinorum. Many ethnobotanical plants are products of modern studies that have given new plants alternative uses. The ...
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Amanita Muscaria

Throughout history, the use of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have been connected to a variety of regions and cultures. For example, it was speculated to be the unnamed sacred plant and god ...
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Alcohol for Sale

The most widely used drug in the world is not aspirin, nor penicillin, nor any other substance commonly prescribed by physicians. It is a substance of minor medical importance, yet it is consumed daily by tens of millions of people, sometimes in...
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Daniel J. Siebert

P.O. Box 661552. Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA

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Bulk Herbs

As herbal business grow, so does the producers profits, but also insufficient production (or excessive demand) will bring a series of problems. Traditionally, herbal farms followed a technique and applied many secrets into t...
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Salvia Buy

The birth of experimental psychology is sometimes dated to the morning of October 22, 1850. On that day a German professor, Gustav Theodor Fechner, stayed late in bed, worrying about the materialistic tendencies of his tim...
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Salvia d is fairly easy to grow once you get the hang of it. When it is in its vegetative phase, it can grow very fast. Unfortunately, it is also a very sensitive plant and any changes to it's environment...
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Medical Pot Outlets On Hold

Los Angeles Times | by Susannah Rosenblatt | 08/24/2005

California -- The Riverside County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an emergency moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries Tues...
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Yohimbine and Viagra

Viagra, the most successful new drug introduction ever, Viagra scored a first year record sales for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, of $788 million American dollars worldwide in 1998. Unashamedly, the little blue pi...
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Yohimbe Information

Yohimbe is a tree that grows throughout the African nations of Cameroon, Gabon and Zaire. For centuries, natives from these areas have ingested both the crude bark and purified com...
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Damiana Background

Damiana is a small shrub that grows 1-2 m high and bears aromatic, serrated leaves that are 10-25 cm long. Small yellow flowers bloom in early to late summer...
Read More: Damiana Background

Calamus Root for Sale

You can find calamus root for sale under a wide variety of names, such as: Sweet Flag, Rat Root, Cinnamon sedge, Sweet Sedge, Gladdon, Flag Root, Sweet Calomel, Myrtle grass, Sweet Myrtle, Myrtle flag, Myrtle se...
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Learn about Herb Gardening

Learn about herb gardening in a shot and easy to understand article. Herb gardening can be tricky, many herbs need different things. Not all plants are alike, one could need a lot of sunshine, while another ...
Read More: Learn about Herb Gardening

Salvia D Extract

Salvia d extract can be purchased online, on Internet web pages of the main herb international distributors. Even when the total understanding of how this unique Mexican herb works, it is involved by a veil of mystery...
Read More: Salvia D Extract

Herb Spice Blends

Herb spice blends combine several flavors as a composer would summon notes for a symphony. Just like in any masterpiece, the ingredients sometimes don't seem right together, but when the proper amounts are mixed ...
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Natural Medicine and Herbs

Natural medicine and herbs have been used long before mankind could track his own history. These are probably, the first valuable knowledge ...
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The hops plant, Humulus Lupulus, belongs to the Cannabaceae family (the same genus as Cannabis sativa/indica, or marijuana). Used by some people as a sedative-hypnotic, hops are most familiar as a beer ingredient, where the...
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Liquid Herb

Liquid herbs are remedies that are among the most effective. Because the liquid is ingested and does not pass through the liver but directly into the bloodstream, they can start acting immediately. This is also a big plus ...
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Discount Salvia

Discount is a word almost everyone loves, and if they don’t love it, they really appreciate it whenever they see it posted at the window or the wall of their favorite store. It is like a dream come true: everything yo...
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East Friesland Hybrid Sage

East Friesland is a beautiful place located in Germany, in the land of the Oktoberfest, the place where the beer is more than a drink and where young people is free to drink beer whenever they want... Read More: East Friesland Hybrid Sage


Richard Evans Schultes, PhD, FMLS

Excerpts from a speech given at Biosphere ...
Read More: Ethnobotany

Salvia Dorisiana

Everybody recognizes salvia dorisiana for its marvelous scented leaves, some describe the aroma as the fragrance of a fresh fruit cocktail and leaves induce you to believe you are in the jungle. Others say the ...
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Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs originated in early history, while man moved around from place to place and has serious periods of famine, they were forced to eat almost every imaginable plant available. Keen observers soon discovered ...
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Salvia Chew

Salvia is chewed by people who want to be a part of this special plant. Salvia is a plant that was ignored by civilized nations for a very long time, it was in the 60’ that people heard something about it. Yet, few studies ...
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Mushroom Spores

Historically, mushrooms were classified among the so-called lower plants in the Division Thallophyta by Linnaeus (a common classification which rather artificially divides plants into Thallophyta and Tracheophyta: The...
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Ethnobotany is a recent science, it's intended to seek the herbal knowledge of indigenous people, with respect and trying to help the natives benefit economically from the ...
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Salvia Divinorum X20

Piggy Backing.

I have been quite interested in the idea of piggy backing salvia with another drug & so choose cannabis. This...
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Ethnobotanicals Showing Up in Drug Tests

Ethnobotanicals showing up in drug tests are hard to determine without knowing what kind of test is being held and for what substances. Many prescription medications can test positive, but will d...
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Legal Euphoriants

Through life there will be thousands of things that you will experiment, like sensations and feelings or any kind of experiences that makes life the way it is, those things that if they weren’t present, would make ...
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Salvia Divinorum Plant Growing

This kind of plant called Salvia Divinorum is a perennial herb which grows wild only in the Sierra Mazatec Region of México. It´s native habitat is in evergreen forests, often along r...
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Salvia Divinorum Plant for Sale

Salvia Divinorum is for sale in many ways, the seeds, the plant, powder, or oils presentations. This products are sold on the internet, which is the easiest way to acquire them. You can ...
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Powdered Herbs

Powdered herbs are produced with different procedures, first the herbs are processed with a dry blending. Also a wet mixing is used to obtain powdered herbs. A combined process has a base powder with proteins or fats. A...
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Bulk Organic Herbs

Many bulk organic herbs can be purchased now easier than ever, as producers have grown almost 20%, land devoted for herb cultivation increases every year, and business that one way or another sell herbal remedies ...
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Salvia Divinorum in Stock

The word stock may refer to many things, and if we talk about plants, the word stock may be confusing because it can be related to the stem of a plant, but as you may see the word “in” is also included in the title of the article, which complete...
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Valerian Root

In Europe, Valerian is used widely as a sedative and a treatment for muscle spasms. Active components come from the rhizomes (underground stems) and roots of Valeriana Officinalis, a perennial that’s native to Eurasia a...
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Growing San Pedro

You should keep in mind that it will take at least a year to get a plant large enough for one dose, and unless you are using year round high intensity growth lights (such as used for pot cultivation) coupled with an ...
Read More: Growing San Pedro

Peaches and Herb

Peaches and Herb are a name that will be remembered by all music lovers, it will sound like a cliche, but the name just "makes great music together". They say it's not hard to rise to the top, what's really hard is to ...
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Legal Salvia

At least in the United States, there is no a proper control on salvia. What does it mean? That all parts of the plant and its extracts are legal to cultivate, buy, sell and possess. If it...
Read More: Legal Salvia

Burning Man

Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. The Burning Man has evolved from its early days on a small beach in San Francisco into the bustling ...
Read More: Burning Man

Buy Salvia Divinorum Dried

Salvia divinorum dried is excellent for you if you are willing to try the new journey salvia divinorum take you through. If you buy salvia divinorum dried, we have a very important recommendation for you: s...
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Ayahuasca is a jungle vine from the botanical species Banisteriopsis Caapi and is indigenous to the Western Amazon. Ayahuasca is also used interchangeably to refer to the brew that...
Read More: Ayahuasca


Ethnobotanicals in all the world, play an increasingly important role in every day life. The knowledge, in the past disregarded by science as primitive has day by day gained space in scientific books and magazines. It's...
Read More: Ethnobotanicals

Salvia Divinorum 20x

Salvia divinorum can be found in 20x extracts of fortified leaves, elixirs and liquid extracts for oral and sublingual use or for smoking purposes. Extracts allow the user to explore deeper levels than are ...
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Kratom, Mitragyna-Speciosa

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a large tropical tree indigenous to southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. It is from the same family as the coffee tree. Kratom ...
Read More: Kratom, Mitragyna-Speciosa

Herb Rosemary

The herb rosemary is a shrub, thin, with long narrow leaves usually has a bluish-green color. They're soft to the touch, and have a unique resinous fragrance. It grows on soil that is not too humid, basking in direct sunlight...
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Calea 10x Extract

It is usually called “calea 10x extract”, its real and complete name is calea zacatechichi 10x extract. The origins of calea zacatechichi are found in the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico. The Indians of this ...
Read More: Calea 10x Extract

Salvia Divinorum Rot

It may not be your favorite word of all, but it is still a very strong word that draws the attention of many people, because its meaning represents a process that almost any organic body faces after there is no ...
Read More: Salvia Divinorum Rot

Salvia Dorisiana Grapefruit

This beautiful salvia plant has the most fragrant leaves (presenting a fruity, pineapple alike smell). Salvia dorisiana grapefruit has pretty heart-shaped leaves, with a lime green color and are furry.
Read More: Salvia Dorisiana Grapefruit

Spell Herbs

Spell Herbs are just as old as herbal healing, probably even older. The power to create or to communicate with nature and with paranormal forces was sought since the early days of humankind. Herbs and magic were used to con...
Read More: Spell Herbs

Marijuana Shaped Like Leaves with Purple Flowers

For many people, marijuana is not very well accepted, because marijuana has been considered as an illegal drug for a long time now, and not only in one country, but in almost every count...
Read More: Marijuana Shaped Like Leaves with Purple Flowers

Herb Seeds

Herb seeds sometimes have qualities that the rest of the herb does not or a higher concentration of a certain ingredient is present, this makes the seed a cherished product. The active ingredients are found in high doses on ...
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Salvia 20 X Extract

Anyone who is willing to take the risk of using a Salvia 20 X extract deserves the respect of all the people who have ever tried the Salvia, and I say respect, because if the Salvia 20 X by itself is very strong, ...
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Ethnobotanicals in Drug Tests

Ethnobotanicals in drug tests could come up depending on the chemical components of the herb, and the kind of drug test used. It should be noted that many drug tests do not work very good, several reports ...
Read More: Ethnobotanicals in Drug Tests

Salvia Cutting

In the spring and autumn alike, the branches of old plants being pegged down to the ground and covered with 1/2 inch of earth, are the woody-stemmed garden herbs, or 'stem rooter'; thus covered, will produce quantities of rootlets by just lying ...
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Salvia 20x Liquid

A new “cult” is discretely growing among people who are into spiritually, meditative practices and in the study and understanding of human nature and consciousness. These people have studied and are embracing ancient...
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Online Herb Stores

Online herb stores are a great way to purchase plants, specially in places where obtaining herbs of a special kind are hard to find. Now that wormwood has attracted so much attention with it's hallucinatory qualities...
Read More: Online Herb Stores

Lions Tail Wild Dagga

Lions tail wild dagga is a plant that is used in many ways, depending on the culture and knowledge of the plant. It has been a wide sensations since it was discovered that smoking the plant produces the same ...
Read More: Lions Tail Wild Dagga

What is Salvia?

Salvias (also known as sages) have acquired their new fame, due to the fact they flower for a long period; they perform well in hot, dry conditions and they supply with an unbelievable variety of fragrance, flourish ...
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Peganum Harmala

Effects If it is drunk on empty stomach, effects are quicker, such as tingling extremities, slight tremor, lassitude and very slight nausea. Mental effects are mild, because of the content of anti-depressant in the beta-carbolines, an odd calm...
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Salvia Divinorum Info

With the era of globalization, information can travel all around the world with a simple click of your computer mouse, and this way people have access to it from any place around the world, and the best is ...
Read More: Salvia Divinorum Info

Aromatherapy Herbs

Aromatherapy uses herbs to produce the joyful feelings the sense of smell can provoke. The scent of a rose or of a lemon tree are relaxing and affect the body and mind in ways hard to describe. Some herbs in ...
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Seattle Hempfest 2005, the Year of Education

The world's phattest "protestival" has a burning desire to present you 6 stages of speakers and bands, all speaking up for justice. Add hundreds of arts, crafts and food vendors, and put ...
Read More: Seattle Hempfest 2005, the Year of Education

Peganum Harmala Usage

Recommendations of use There are also recommendations to avoid nausea, such as grinding the rue in a coffee grinder and put it into capsules to swallow. It is important to remember to leave some time before taking the...
Read More: Peganum Harmala Usage

Ceremonial Herbs

Ceremonial herbs have been used through history in all cultures. Because their effects are powerful, it's logical to see why many are used in important moments throughout human life, they will give a wider perspective ...
Read More: Ceremonial Herbs


Illness in our world evokes images of hospital beds, antiseptic smells, hushed voices, and a gen...
Read More: Shamanism

Salvia 10 X Video

What about a video that can inform you about the Salvia? I’m sorry you don’t know what Salvia is? Well that is my point, this is not for people who already know about the plant, but for people that have no knowledge...
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This is not a word you will find in a common English dictionary, you know. It is a word with a different origin and not everybody knows what it means, but believe that when a person listen to this word, there is almost always...
Read More: Divinorum

Prickly Poppy

The Prickly Poppy, or Argemone Mexicana, is native to Mexico and the southwest USA. It is a member of the Papaveraceae family and grows very readily and quickly...
Read More: Prickly Poppy

Salvia 20x Extract Experiences

Salvia is a very strong drug to use, but there are various ways to use this plant. Mostly the active ingredient is salvia A and is located on the plants leaves, many people uses this plant by smoking ...
Read More: Salvia 20x Extract Experiences

Salvia Chiapensis

Salvias for Bay Area Gardens

Mediterranean climate gardeners have a diverse selection of plants to choose from when creating their landscapes. One of the most versatile...
Read More: Salvia Chiapensis

Calea Zacatechichi Tea

Calea Zacatechichi, what a name! Even the name is not easy to say and less for people like me, who don’t read very well. What you will ...
Read More: Calea Zacatechichi Tea

Portland Hemp Stalk 2005

Presented by THC Foundation

Hemp Stalk is a world, tribal, reggae, folk, music festival promoting legalization and regulation of cannabis. We are launching our hemp for bio-diesel ...
Read More: Portland Hemp

Sinicuichi Foliage Information

The main and most relevant sinicuichi foliage information is that this plant works as a sedative in human beings. Hemia salicifolia is a flowering shrub that grows from Mexico to Argentina and is widely ...
Read More: Sinicuichi Foliage Information

Buy Salvia Seeds

Buy salvia seed and make your own private garden of salvia, ready for your use. Think that it is that easy well thinks again .The truth is that it’s not that easy. For starters if you buy salvia seeds a plant will ne...
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Sage Herb

Sage, the herb has been used for cooking for a long time now, if gives flavor to pork sausage, the aroma and slight bitterness must be used precisely to give adequate taste. Correctly applied it complements the flavor of chic...
Read More: Sage Herb

Salvia Divinorum Boil –Acetone –Alcohol

When we talk about salvia divinorum, we talk about a divination tool used by the Mazatec to heal people in rites and ceremonies that could sound and look weird to western people. Thanks to the d...
Read More: Salvia Divinorum Boil –Acetone –Alcohol


Hallucinogens comprise a unique collection of substances that are ingested to induce alterations of consciousness. A variety of substances wi...
Read More: Hallucinogen

Divinorum Salvia Extract 20 X

Hello Salvia Divinorum consumers! This will be a great reading for you today, especially if you are not new in the Salvia world; but if you are new, it doesn’t matter, you can be ...
Read More: Divinorum Salvia Extract 20 X

Buy Magic Mushroom

There is a fascinating and old story you must know before you buy a magic mushroom. It is not common that one thinks about the goods or products one is buying, is it? Individuals should try to think what is behind ...
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Divinorum Price

Here we are again, but this time we are going to talk about something that people are very concerned with. A subject treated almost always in the first talk of Divinorum, and don’t tell me that the price is not something that you are not ...
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The sign hanging above the performance space makes it clear that this is not your ...
Read More: Shaman

Mazatec Salvia

Among all the kind of species and varieties of plants in the world, there is one which its origins are in the country of Mexico. (For more specific information) This plant is native from the state of Oaxaca, located in ...
Read More: Mazatec Salvia


Do entheogen-induced mystical experiences boost the immune system?
Psychedelics, peak experiences, and wellness -by Thomas B. Roberts
Read More: Entheogen

Salvia Divinorium

Salvia divinorium is a psychoactive plant, a member of the sage genus. The plant is grown by the Mazatec indigenous people of the Oaxaca mountains in isolated, moist and secret plots. It has been used...
Read More: Salvia Divinorium

Growing Salvia

Seeds should be stored in a sealed dry container. Their viability can be extended considerably if they...
Read More: Growing Salvia

How to Extract Ethnobotanicals

There are several methods to make extracts, and the procedure will depend on what you want the herb for. Remember that herbs have many complex components,...
Read More: How to Extract Ethnobotanicals

Make Me King Salvia

Since we are little, we dream of being kings or queens, and that dream remain inside of each one of us, and when an opportunity is presented of being king of something, of anything, almost no one refuses to turn into king. This is the reason o...
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Maca Root

Often called "Peruvian Ginseng", Maca is a unique root tuber with usage dating back to the mid 15th century. Natives of this area ate it raw, cooked or boiled and it became a staple in their everyday diet. Currently the count...
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Canada Ethnobotanicals

Canada ethnobotanicals have become very popular remedies. Canada is one of the countries where environmental actions are taken to avoid contamination in rivers and lakes. Although large pharmaceutical companies ...
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Salvia 20 X

Have you ever traveled through time and space, no? Well, prepare yourself because this is your ticket to that trip, and I’m not kidding, because with this you can do the trip that only a few people have made. Still ...
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Lions Tail Information

Lions tail, Leonotis leonorus, Dagga flower, all of them are the same, but it is more common to hear the name lions tail ,it is a plant that is used by the Hottentot tribesman of South Africa. Lions tail has different uses, it is used as medicine and an ornamental plant...
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Opium is Made in What Part of the Poppy?

A lot of people ask themselves: opium is made in what part of the poppy? Answer: in the poppy capsule, at least there is where the opium is found. The capsule wall is traversed by a network of branching and anastomosing lactiferous vessels which contain the latex. In the green unripe capsule...
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