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Morning Glory Hallucinogens

Morning glory hallucinogens are original from Mexico, being extended to South America. It’s been learned that morning glory hallucinogens have been very widely used in the valleys of Mexico in Pre-Hispanic times by generations of Aztecs to get in touch with the sun gods. Furthermore, the residents of Oaxaca (a south state of Mexico), believe that the divinity lives within the seed. When problems arose, they would eat the morning glory seeds to get knowledge from the divinity.

It belongs to the convolvulaceae family, genus ipomoea, species violacea. It is also known as Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Tlilitzin. It is classified as a psychedelic. It is a popular vine with heart-formed leaves and brilliant pink, purple or white flowers and black seeds that contain LSA.

Actually, there is a renewed wave of seekers of illumination returning to the use of hallucinogenic plants to become aware of their internal cognition and capture what has been lost in the mainstream of religion. In an unfortunate manner and because of the legal prohibition of these essences, these spiritual pilgrims are exposed to arrest and loss of liberty for searching spiritual evolvement in manners that are well documented to have been efficiently used throughout the years. There has been failure from our legislations to recognize the spiritual reawakening than can happen by consuming psychedelic substances. It’s been learned that hallucinogenic plants –among them, morning glory- have been used for religious intentions within virtually every culture since the beginning of chronicles.

In Mexico, morning glory seeds and the vines of the serpent, have had a long society with divinity and it’s a substance that is sacrosanct to the indigenous and demonized by the Spanish conquerors. One missionary wrote four hundred years ago: “the essence takes their reason away to all who use it… the indigenous get in contact this way with the devil… and they are misled by various hallucinations which they attribute to divinity which they say lives within the seeds”. The Aztecs sustained the seeds to be food of the gods, the Spanish sustained it was determinant to become witch doctors and commune with the devil.

There have experiments with morning glory seeds with individuals that have tried LSD and they claimed with a high dose of morning glory hallucinogens (200-500 seeds) feel similar effects than with LSD, such as feelings of elation and philosophical insights. Transient nausea was one of the side effects experienced by the consumers; also, dreariness or torpor and coldness in the extremities. The only adverse psychic consequence was an extended (eight hours) disassociate reaction which was terminated with chlorpromazine. The feasibility of extended adverse reactions to the psychological effects of the seeds is essentially the same as with LSD, and the same precautions should be observed.


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