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Marijuana Shaped Like Leaves with Purple Flowers

For many people, marijuana is not very well accepted, because marijuana has been considered as an illegal drug for a long time now, and not only in one country, but in almost every country around the world.

The question is: Is marijuana really bad? Do you really think nature could create something for our detriment, and put it on purpose four our consumption? I guess not, nature provides man with food and many other natural resources for his existence, but it never has given something to harm men; the one that does harm is men themselves. Since the beginning of time, when man tries something that gives him pleasant sensations, he forgets about limits. The excess is one of the regular human conditions, known since the very beginning with anything that gave any pleasant sensations, due to the inconformity of men, wanting always more and more, until finally the bad effects and results came out to the light. People started to notice that these plants or any other things caused bad reactions and started to prohibit these and they did this to protect their loved ones.

Now you see, the fault is from the ones that used in excess products such as marijuana, and this brought along many other restrictions to all the people. After this drug was banned form almost any country in the world, people were not able anymore to be in possession of any of these plants, and I say any, because marijuana is not found only in one presentation, no sir, there are many forms in which you can find marijuana, some of them are so similar that regular people won’t be able to tell the difference, but there are other stranger, different, and some of them are more beautiful, for example the marijuana shaped like leaves with purple flowers, that was cultivated by many people, but due to the banning is now also illegal.

The marijuana shaped like leaves with purple flowers has also some variations, but one very beautiful and sometimes common is the Purple Haze Marijuana, that is a flower that blooms purple buds, that give the marijuana plant a very special taste and smell, if you try it is under your own risk. The ancestors of this plant were sativa plants, which are characterized as tall thin plants, with narrow leaves and a quick growth extending their leaves and reaching a height up to 20 feet.

This (marijuana shaped like leaves with purple flowers) plant can stand the worst climates (there are, but don’t push it too hard), but it is not invincible nor indestructible.It works well outdoors. If in your country it is permitted, feel free to plant it in your garden and you will have a strong sweet smell plant decorating it


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